Princess Spa

The France Colonial architecture but no less Cambodian culture with the open space is in consonance with the abundant effective relaxing services, it is affirmed that Princess Spa is genuinely the embodiment of a marvelous opulence cruise leading guests to berth a calming quietude oasis with the highly advanced quality experience. 

Entering Princess Spa, it would be fantastic wisdom if the customers try our enchanted specialty that Khmer traditional massage concentrating on the backs and legs with no oil treatment, dispel fatigue and soothe aching muscles. With flavourful light scent oil in the other kinds of massage, therapists lead you to visualize the colorful magic world from the marvelous flowers garden to the vast river with the tree bank swaying in the breeze.

Regarding the climate characteristic of Southeast Asia, body treatments consisting of hands and feet rejuvenate guests with essential ingredients and acupressure techniques under the prominent effect of the intense sun. In addition, the more splendid essential companion treatments, the better the beauty of guests maintains. Let us pamper your health and beauty with natural skincare products and skillful spa therapists in the gateway to tranquility.