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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose and limit of collecting information
Collecting information of customers is for keeping contact with them when they have request of service, product.
Information requirement are including: Full name, Phone number, Address, Email address.

2. Limit of usage information
Website uses these customers’ information for:
    * Sending all business activities histories between customers and website
    * Arranging Purchase order, supplying requirement online service
    * Contacting with customers in particularly situations

Otherwise, in some situations above which we can share customers’ information:
    * Sending customers’ information for Delivery service (Full name, address, phone number)
    * In case of lawyer department request, we much is responsible for cooperate with them in supplying customers’ information.

3. Time of reservation information
Customers’ databases will be reserved during the time of service and doing business with customers and will be deleted with customers’ request.
4. Responsible company collecting and managing customers’ information address:
Viet Princess Cruiser Corporations 
Add: 170-170 Bis Bui Thi Xuan St., W. Pham Ngu Lao, Dist. 1, Tp. HCM, Vietnam
Phone: 028.35146033
Email: admin@mekongprincess.com.vn
5. Module and toolkits for customers’ assessment and edit information:
 Customers’ information will are collected by company email or individual email which are supplied by customers for order product and service of our company. Customers have a demand of changement of information might contact with this email address: admin@mekongprincess.com.vn or might write mail in our website.
6. Safety customers’ information assurance:
    * We have been highly respecting the Safety customers’ information by appreciating don’t use it in any case without customers’ acceptation. The clear explanation is prohibited exchange or trading customers’ information with third party (despite case for supply customers’ information for delivery service).
    * Higher safety transactions histories in website
    * Customers are all responsible for legality of information which supply in our website: mekongprincess.com.vn. We don’t have any responsibilities in case of disputes about the recent supporting information.
    * In case of hacker attack, admin much notice immediately with e-commerce department within 24 hours after the times of network crash.