The Saigon Suite

Featuring a delicately decorated painting of Queen Nam Phuong at the head of the bed and high-end lamps which were bought from Bat Trang ceramics village, the Saigon suite will take you on a journey imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity.

With floor-to-ceiling sliding doors opening to a French balcony and 24 square meters, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the majestic Mekong River.

Queen bed / Twin beds

The quality of your sleep depends on the bed itself. In order to bring our dear customers sweet dreams after a memorable trip, Mekong Princess team has chosen (2x1.8m) Queen sized bed which can be convertible into Twin beds (2x0.9m) conveniently.

The large bed with French Colonial style would definitely be an ideal option for you, along with an elegant scent came from its soft pillows and fluffy blankets as clouds for you to enjoy after a day full of adventure. 

Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors

Your bedroom space will be given a feeling of a more open one connected to the outside world thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows with elegant patterned curtains. Through the airy window walls as if it is blurring away the boundary between indoors and outdoors, where you can rest while enjoying what life has to offer through an unlimited view.

Taken away by varied ever-changing views like the movies uniquely brought to you by the immense Mekong River at every passing location.

Flat-screen TV

Inside your suite, there is a flat-screen television waiting for you to make you feel like home. With full HD 1080p resolution, purcolor, not to mention of its diverse in genres which are researched and carefully selected by the Mekong Princess team in order to meet all ages.

Especially after a long fun trip, a familiar recharger will surely provide you a max comfort. 
Flat-screen TV

Luxurious Marble Bath

Modern bathroom with 14K gold-gilded conveniences, premium marble tile floors and walls, soundproof and tempered glass, all mixed in a vintage beige-brown color which will surely bring you a regal bearing, elevate your experience to another level.

Not to mention, you could also gaze out of our well-design window and capture every single natural moment gifted from the majestic Mekong River. 
Luxurious Marble Bath