The first group of international tourists to Can Tho on a 5-star cruise

On the evening of October 7, the 5-star Mekong Princess cruise docked in Ninh Kieu, bringing a group of New Zealand tourists to visit Can Tho city.

Giang Hoang Hai, CEO of Viet Princess Joint Stock Company, the investor of Mekong Princess, said that this is the first time a 5-star yacht has brought international tourists to Can Tho.

The Mekong Princess Cruise is on an 8 day 7 night cruise, taking tourists to depart from Ho Chi Minh City, along the Mekong River, to explore provinces and cities in the Mekong Delta, ending in Siem Reap province. Cambodia). The reason why 5-star ships serving international tourists cannot currently stop at Can Tho is because of the bulky ship structure, which cannot pass through Cho Lach bridge (Ben Tre) and Mang Thit (Vinh Long) to enter Can Tho. Poem. With a length of 62.5 m, a width of 9.5 m, a draft of 1.6 m, two main engines with a capacity of 480 hp, Mekong Princess meets the standards for designing a cruise with Can Tho as a stop. 

According to Mr. Giang Hoang Hai, Mekong Princess is completely "made by Vietnam". That is the pride not only of Viet Princess but also of Vietnamese people. At the same time, connecting Can Tho - the capital of the West for the first time to the cruise down the Mekong River with the 5-star cruise system helps to take advantage of the available tourism potential of the Southwest region, promoting development. Can Tho tourism in particular, Vietnam in general in the system of tours and routes serving foreign tourists.

Julia Miles-Cassin, a member of the New Zealand tourist delegation, shared that she and the members of the delegation were very surprised by the beauty of the landscape of the western provinces, especially Can Tho, as well as the hospitality of the locals. people here. Although only walking around Ninh Kieu wharf, visiting a few tourist attractions, it can be affirmed that Can Tho is well-deserved as the capital of the West. New Zealand is snowing this season, so when she comes to Vietnam, she is very excited to enjoy the fresh air, warm sunshine… Surely people will come back to this land many more times.

by: Ánh Tuyết (TTXVN)

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